What You’ll Find In Issue Two

In Issue Two you will learn more about the people of Margo, their mores,  fashions, and current top 40 dance hits. You’ll visit the major cities of Axolotl and Heliopolis. Find out what planets are allies and what the alien species that inhabit them are like.  Discover the intoxicating beverages of Margo as found in Sparbo’s Famous Lounge & Grille in beautiful (and historic) downtown Lotis, Tush. And you will follow Gort Nordly’s Saga in part 2 as he goes through an intense adolescence.

Coming in Issue Three

Lanna Lizzardo explains her guest (Paul Richman) on the Gort Nordly Show.

Alright. Four nights ago, I was waiting in line at an all-night pharmacy in the Vernal Heights section of Axolotl, when I noticed this guy in front of me didn’t speak our language, not Margon, Margoan or Margoon. He was having difficulty asking the pharmacist for what he wanted – well, the pharmacist was giving him attitude and couldn’t be bothered, so I offered to help. I could tell when the stranger turned to face me and began talking that I would need to use telepathy and that worked.

Like right now, I could tell he was frightened and upset.

He was definitely out of his element.
So, we got what he wanted and I made my purchase and I took him out for a late supper.

He told me who he was and that he had been kidnapped from his planet, which he called Earth, and was, as it turned out, placed in the secret custody of his kidnapper. The man abused him and he escaped. He found his way to the pharmacy looking for a medication for his … well never mind.

He said he didn’t expect me to believe him but he had no one else to turn to, so I let him stay with me. We’ve talked a lot in the last three days and I believe his story. I also believe it needs to be shared.

The next day I did a little discreet information gathering. The Alien Studies Center claims that Earth is a planet of no interest whatsoever to Margo. They say it is uninhabited and inhospitable to life, as we know it. They also claim to have made only one routine flyby mission. I think the ASC is lying.

Behold Issue One

It came together today very quickly once problems with the cover were fixed. As I write this, the Kindle version is being formatted by the wizards at CreateSpace. I don’t have a clue when that might be ready or how it will read when it is.

Submitting the book, text, illustrations, and cover, to CreateSpace was a strange leap of faith. You think you have it all ready, you click the link to upload it and wait to see what you come up with. The submission was accepted but I had to wait several days fo see the proof copy, I had to hold it in my hands.  And to my delight, it looked right. No words lost or misplaced or misspelled, Illustrations just the size I wanted them and exactly where I wanted them on the page.

The collaboration between my eye and my brain, having been trained all my life by reading print on a page and creating art on two dimensional surfaces, I could not give the okay to a digital copy viewed on my computer screen. I just couldn’t. I had to see the book itself. I could not substitue one perceptual experience for another, to visualize one without the other.

There won’t be a paper version of the Kindle format for me to check. I will have to okay the electronic view no other way but on my computer. The Kindle version will be such that the words and the art will be formatted to fit the screen of your computer, your pad, or your phone. And that will be the only way I will be able to see it.

I hope the Kindle copy will have an easy birth.

Summer 2018

Work continues on Issue One of Marooned On Margo. I’m not going to tease you with a prediction of a publishing date, but the interior of the book, the text and illustration photo files have been chosen. The content is set. The remaining work is in the hands of my  collaborator as he adds embellishments to said photo files.  The visual art contents of issues Two, Three and Four are being created. Most of the text for the rest of the series is ready although I will be tweaking it up until publication.


Study Guide for Marooned On Margo, Issue One

Issue One is not even published yet but you can still have some fun with this Study Guide.

Study Guide to Issue One of Marooned On Margo. 

(The more you know … the more there is to know … the more confused you’ll be.) Now that you have finished reading Marooned On Margo, Issue One, it is time to find out if you have been paying attention. Test your knowledge by taking our delightful multiple-choice quiz.

Where is the planet Margo?

  1. In a galaxy far away
  2. In a parallel universe
  3. In Provincetown, Massachusetts.
  4. In the ravings of an overly caffeinated idiot

Marooned On Margo is …

  1. … Funny
  2. … Heartwarming
  3. … Misses every opportunity to stimulate rational discourse
  4. … The story of a boy and his dog
  5. … Like some appallingly cheap scrapbook

Who is Paul Richman?

  1. A furniture salesman on Margo
  2. A sexual innocent on Margo
  3. A young gay man from Earth
  4. A biracial, homeless greeter at Sparbo’s Bar and Grille

Who is Marco Fornero?

  1. The mentor to Paul Richman
  2. Paul Richman’s nemesis
  3. A pharmacist on Margo
  4. The sexiest man alive on Margo

How did Paul Richman get to Margo?

  1. He was picked up by a UFO while thumbing for a hitch
  2. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time
  3. He was at the right place at the wrong time
  4. He was someplace at some time
  5. He was abducted by a sex-crazed Astro-Marine from Margo
  6. He won a lottery for a time travel trip and Mercury was retrograde

Is English spoken on Margo?

  1. Only in your mind’s attempt to get food
  2. Seldom … make that Never
  3. Frequently, but it translates as gibberish to a Margoin
  4. Sometimes, at holiday tables

How many languages are spoken on Margo?

  1. Three
  2. Eighteen
  3. I skipped that part; it was boring
  4. Will this be on the final?

What resembles pond scum on Margo?

  1. Algae on ponds
  2. Salad bars on Margo
  3. Refrigerator mold anywhere
  4. Your mama!

What insect is used as living fashion accents on Margo?

  1. Oh, that’s gross!
  2. Who would do that?
  3. Ipakeks
  4. Blants
  5. Lemonades


Essay Questions for Bonus Points (pick one only)

Your answer must be rendered in a complete sentence with a subject and verb and subordinate clauses.

A: Do the people of Margo … (Acceptable answers: yes, no, maybe, don’t know, I missed class that day)

  1. Fart?
  2. Segregate the races?
  3. Perform in community theater?
  4. Raise hell?

B: If you could make up your own planet what would it be like and what would you call it?

C: How are you handling the fact that this is not a graphic sci-fi novel and it is very gay?

D: Would you date Paul Richman? Why or why not? (For gay male readers only)

E: Have you ever had a deja vu experience? Have you experienced it while reading this issue? While reading this quiz?

This completes the Study Guide for Issue One of Marooned on Margo. So now you may be wondering, “Is it a Study Guide or a Quiz, make up your mind? If it is a quiz, what are the correct answers to this quiz? and What’s my score?”

You can score yourself when you see the free range of acceptable answers in Issue Two of Marooned On Margo, coming out as fast as we can throw it together.