Jerry Thomas Boyd earned a BS degree in Art Education from Indiana University, Bloomington. He has tried to keep his creative hand going in various venues: graphic design for a theater company in Washington, DC, a self-published line of postcards and note cards, unsuccessful attempts at selling his cartoons to the New Yorker (and one fluke sale to the National Lampoon), art director for “Out for Laughs”, a TV pilot of gay sketch comedy and a small collection of his cartoons called The Portable Smile. “Shift Happens” was Jerry Thomas Boyd’s first novel. He is currently at work on his next unique tale – the perpetually unfinished, “Marooned On Margo”.

Now that Issue One is published, here is more about the author’s latest endeavor.

Begun in 1985, this newly renovated, Marooned on Margo, was developed as a novel.  It was to be a satirical look at our own planet through the adventures of the sincere and naïve, Paul Richman, a young gay man desperate to find love and acceptance and to understand his place in the Universe, while continually being harshly buffeted by the perverse nature of the reality he encountered, both on Earth and on Margo. In other words, a hero’s journey.

The story begins in the summer of 1979. While vacationing in Provincetown, Paul is kidnapped and taken to Margo as the the ‘pet’ of the scoundrel, Clawd Reemz. He frees himself from the clutches of his abductor but finds himself adrift in a dangerously hostile and alien culture, marooned on an alien planet.

After extensive plotting and writing 5  beginning chapters, Jerry felt that he was unable to complete the novel. He struggled to find his voice as a writer and abandoned the project.

The resurrected Margo will make use of the background art and text and will be published in  a large 8×10 format, full color edition of four successive issues.

While you won’t find those 5 original chapters in this new version, as if in a scrapbook, each issue will include samplings of the background work, both text and illustrations, which created the geophysical and cultural landscape of Margo.

You’ll also find a guide to the planet as written by the novel’s protagonist,  new art and collages and new text to further reveal the many moods of Margo.

The Saga of Gort Nordly, a short story in four parts starring a few of the characters who were intended to be in the novel-that-never-was begins in Issue One.

It is impossible to describe and characterize an entire planet either in word or pictures in four slender volumes. And so Marooned on Margo hopes to merely tweak your imagination. The reader will find more questions than answers. The author encourages you to fill in the blanks.

Whether it is in a galaxy far, far away, a parallel Universe, or in the pages of this series, now you too may become Marooned on Margo.