Coming in Issue Three

Lanna Lizzardo explains her guest (Paul Richman) on the Gort Nordly Show.

Alright. Four nights ago, I was waiting in line at an all-night pharmacy in the Vernal Heights section of Axolotl, when I noticed this guy in front of me didn’t speak our language, not Margon, Margoan or Margoon. He was having difficulty asking the pharmacist for what he wanted – well, the pharmacist was giving him attitude and couldn’t be bothered, so I offered to help. I could tell when the stranger turned to face me and began talking that I would need to use telepathy and that worked.

Like right now, I could tell he was frightened and upset.

He was definitely out of his element.
So, we got what he wanted and I made my purchase and I took him out for a late supper.

He told me who he was and that he had been kidnapped from his planet, which he called Earth, and was, as it turned out, placed in the secret custody of his kidnapper. The man abused him and he escaped. He found his way to the pharmacy looking for a medication for his … well never mind.

He said he didn’t expect me to believe him but he had no one else to turn to, so I let him stay with me. We’ve talked a lot in the last three days and I believe his story. I also believe it needs to be shared.

The next day I did a little discreet information gathering. The Alien Studies Center claims that Earth is a planet of no interest whatsoever to Margo. They say it is uninhabited and inhospitable to life, as we know it. They also claim to have made only one routine flyby mission. I think the ASC is lying.