Behold Issue One

It came together today very quickly once problems with the cover were fixed. As I write this, the Kindle version is being formatted by the wizards at CreateSpace. I don’t have a clue when that might be ready or how it will read when it is.

Submitting the book, text, illustrations, and cover, to CreateSpace was a strange leap of faith. You think you have it all ready, you click the link to upload it and wait to see what you come up with. The submission was accepted but I had to wait several days fo see the proof copy, I had to hold it in my hands.  And to my delight, it looked right. No words lost or misplaced or misspelled, Illustrations just the size I wanted them and exactly where I wanted them on the page.

The collaboration between my eye and my brain, having been trained all my life by reading print on a page and creating art on two dimensional surfaces, I could not give the okay to a digital copy viewed on my computer screen. I just couldn’t. I had to see the book itself. I could not substitue one perceptual experience for another, to visualize one without the other.

There won’t be a paper version of the Kindle format for me to check. I will have to okay the electronic view no other way but on my computer. The Kindle version will be such that the words and the art will be formatted to fit the screen of your computer, your pad, or your phone. And that will be the only way I will be able to see it.

I hope the Kindle copy will have an easy birth.