Marooned On Margo

As an artist, I’ve always used the most basic of tools: paper and pencil. In the current world of self-publication a whole different set of knowledge is needed to fill a page. If I were a younger man, I would consider going back to school to learn design on the computer. But since I am not a younger man, I have had to rely on the knowledge and skills of others to translate the vision i created on paper pages to the digital pages of my forthcoming book. Unable to use the new-to-me technologies has felt a lot like being left behind – marooned – in the Twentieth Century.

I’ve been asked when I expect to publish Issue One. I wish I had a clue. Patience is not one of my strong suits and this is a process that forces me to take very slow, agonizing baby steps. It is not true that “time flies when you don’t know what you are doing.” I originally planned for Marooned on Margo to come out as a single volume in 2012. The help I now have was not available to me then and I gave up in frustration. I am very determined to not give up again. ┬áThe point is that I owe more than I can say to those who are now helping me realize ┬áthis project. So please bear with me and be patient. Thank you.