Why THAT Jerry Boyd? Why not some other Jerry Boyd?

Jerry Thomas Boyd (aka THAT Jerry Boyd) knows that, as the paradox goes, we are each unique, just like everybody else.  One way he generates his particular uniqueness is through his creative expressions. Blessed at an early age with the ability to put down on paper drawings depicting recognizable people, places and things, he has always garnered praise for his artistic ability. He primarily experiences, interprets and enjoys the world through his sense of sight. As a mature visual artist he creates through his sense of the visual even when the creation is word based: he sees it first in his mind’s eye and expresses it through drawings or stories. His art is eclectic and draws from many sources. His visual art and storytelling is influenced by the motion pictures of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s and the design eras ofArt Nouveau, Art Deco, Bauhaus, and Mid-Century Modernism. The dreamworld of the Movies and the Science Fiction genre were perhaps his introduction into visionary worlds.

Using comic exaggerations, often akin to the camp sensibility, he plays with the paradox of that 3-D illusionary world which we think of as reality. The visionary world he creates loves color and the juxtaposition of colors. It loves what is known in the visual arts as the “happy accident.” It loves the juxtaposition of the sacred and the profane. It loves the expressive, minimalist line. It loves the fleeting look that startles with its immediate impact.

In his personal world he treasures loyalty, kindness and tolerance and the humble self-effacing humor of the truly wise. He loves people of spirit who have their own vision and are not bound by convention. He loves and encourages the artist, the creator-spirit, in all of us. He naturally gravitates toward the light-hearted, the whimsical and colorful and the sense that can come from nonsense. But he does not suffer fools gladly and cannot resist popping the bubble of the pompous and arrogant. These influences taken all together yield art which ranges from the sweet to the sardonic.

He feasts on color, rich saturated hues. But sees the many subtle shades of gray that may tint these colors. Though some may consider him naive, he knows not everything is black or white. He disdains polarity thinking and sees it as the source of suffering. Beyond all of that, he simply wants to entertain with the hope that others will awaken to share his view and to see more and better visions of their own.

With this revamped website he embarks on a new venture to share his work and his thoughts with a potentially larger audience. He encourages you to explore this site for more information and return for the occasional blog post.