Why THAT Jerry Boyd? Why not some other Jerry Boyd?

Jerry Thomas Boyd (aka THAT Jerry Boyd) knows that, as the paradox goes, we are each unique, just like everybody else.  One way he expresses his particular uniqueness is through his art. Expression is the need of hs soul.

Blessed at an early age with the ability to put down on paper drawings depicting recognizable people, places, and things, he has always garnered praise for his artistic ability. He primarily experiences, interprets and enjoys the world through his sense of sight. As a mature artist he creates through his sense of the visual, even when the creation is word based: he sees it first in his mind’s eye and expresses it through drawings or stories.

His visual art is eclectic with little discernible personal style and draws from many sources. His storytelling is strongly influenced by the motion pictures of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s and the design eras of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Bauhaus, and Mid-Century Modernism. The dreamworld of the Movies with an emphasis on the Science Fiction genre, were his introduction into visionary worlds.

Humor, silly and satirical, is an essential ingredient in everything he creates.

Why is he perpetually Marroned On Margo?

Aesthetically Margo represents a world he wishes he could experience. Margo is pollution free and maintains a low population to sustain a higher quality of life for everyone. Wealth is evenly distributed. The natural world is revered and protected. Margo is emblematic of a world where everybody wins. But evolving souls – even on Margo – must face challenges to finding one’s bliss. Darkness lurks in the souls of people even on a planet seemingly less dysfunctional than our own.

Once he began envisioning this mirror planet to Mother Earth, he has been constantly re-inventing and discovering new aspects of life on Margo.

Marooned on Margo, in four issues, will be a starting point for your own exploration and creation of a better planetary model.

He encourages you to explore this site for more information and return for the occasional blog post and update on publication progress.